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Alpha Pro is a hardware-software complex intended for titling and designing video. The system consists of software modules and a specialized computer graphics output card or a software module when used in conjunction with TELE 2.2 system.

Alpha Pro allows you to create scripts (titles sequence displayed with various effects) and play them on your device to superimpose computer graphics. From a user perspective, the program resembles a multi-window text editor; editing itself carried out on the principle of WYSIWYG. The system allows you to simultaneously edit and keep several scenarios to display. Furthermore, the same scenario can be opened in multiple windows at the same time, which makes it convenient to change operative in different parts of the text. With it you can create a professional design of the TV channel, adding to it your own "corporate" style, as well as interactive elements, creating an SMS chat or design for sports games.

Key system features:

✔ Unlimited number of pages of the script

✔ Support for page and text output video effects: vertical text, moving from bottom to top, the drum, Roll, "infinite" page, moving horizontally from right to left ("running" row), Crawl; smooth rendering (CrossFade) on "static" page with a pause for the show; curtains (Wipe), including user-defined, with an opportunity to set "soft transition" for playing animation on "static" pages; effects, the scope of which is limited to a particular area of the screen; animated characters in the pages of the type of Roll and Crawl.

✔ Ability to set parameters of scoping, speed, pause time.

✔ In collaboration with broadcast automation system TELE 2.2 Alpha Pro System can be controlled through the software development kit (SDK), which provides the management of objects from external applications, including the programs developed by the user. This may be a program in VBA scripting language in Microsoft Office, including scenarios in Word, Excel and Access, the program on Visual Basic, Web-pages that contain scripts in the VBScript, as well as programs in Delphi and Visual C ++. This makes it possible to show pages at the right time, modifying it directly at the time of issuance.

✔ Automatic update of images synchronously with the updating of the input data.

✔ Ability to design sports programs

✔ Customization of pages for issuing them at the right time for the live broadcast and the establishment of a schedule for broadcasting

✔ Third-party developers created specialized systems for designing sports programs.